Tourmalinely Charged

 I was lucky to receive a whole array of luxurious bath, beauty and skincare products at Christmas time. One that I absolutely love is the Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme.

I had already worn out a teeny tiny travel sized version of this near the beginning of 2014 and when that had run out I had reverted to another trusty (but cheap) moisturiser. This Christmas I was gifted the full size and I love it!

First of all, I have to say that I really like the packaging for some reason. There’s not much to it, just a green pot and a lid and all the usual stuff on the label.  I just like the earthy green colour because it looks natural and feels kind of expensive to hold. The scent matches this earthiness; it’s very, very subtly planty smelling, but don’t be put off if this doesn’t appeal to you, because the smell is not noticeable at all once it’s on your face.

The consistency of this product reflects it’s luxury elements, as it is thick but not too thick and rich in the perfect way. It really dos hydrate well, and it sinks in to the skin so quickly. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky, which is another factor that adds to how great this product is.

At Aveda, the moisturiser retails for £35. It is a pretty pricey face cream but it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a straight-up, good quality, super hydrating moisturiser. It’s a real skin treat and I recommend you all get your hands on it!

Yeezy for Adidas Originals

Recently, it was New York Fashion Week, and I have been looking at tons of pictures from the shows online and on Instagram.  One show that I think has had a lot of controversy around it is Kanye West's collection with Adidas.  

I thought I would share pictures and my opinions, plus information that I have read in this interview on 

The collection was pretty reflective of Kanye's own style which has become quite influential recently. In the interview with Dirk Standen, he says that his wife Kim Kardashian (who I personally love) is his 'muse' and that he likes to dress her. I have noticed that since Kanye has been with Kim, not only her style has evolved but the whole family's.  The collection Kanye designed is really personal to him and Kim's signature styles and colours, which I think is good. The colours are earth-toned - khaki, brown, green, grey - and each outfit is minimalistic and refined. 

Personally I don't like the actual clothes as much I like the ideas and thoughts behind the collection.  However I think with fashion, it's not always about liking the clothes and wanting to buy them; it's more about the inspiration and what each outfit represents. In this sense, I think the show was a success.

Kanye said in the interview that he wants the clothes to be accessible to everyone, because when he was a teenager he had no money for clothes and could never get what he wanted. He says that Adidas was a good medium to use so that kids can get their hands on his clothes and 'everyone should have the good life'.  

I particularly like the part in the interview where he says that high fashion creates separation. When clothes are too expensive for the average person to buy, people are divided into the group that 'can' wear the nice clothes and people that 'can't'. Kanye says that he is against it, and I think it's nice that a collection where the front row consisted of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, P-Diddy and Anna Wintour amongst others, is focusing on the mass market instead of the high-fashion route.

The show was made unique by the models Kanye chose. There was some controversy over Kylie Jenner (his sister-in-law) modelling in the show. She isn't a model, but Kanye told that he wanted to incorporate different body shapes, genders and skin colours to make his show less about separation - again - and more about creativity. 

Thank you for reading and if you want more New York Fashion Week posts then leave a comment below x

Glitterati Review

Today I wanted to share with you two new nail polishes I bought the other day at Boots. They are both from the new Glitterati range from Barry M and I am trying out the shades VIP and Socialite. 

Barry M has never really appealed to me that much out of other brands at the drugstore but these nail polishes were so glittery and shiny that I couldn't resist buying them! I am literally so weak for glitter nail polishes, and as it goes, they are the most reliant ones to buy even if you have never tried anything from a brand before. This is because glitter nail polishes are either a) clear topcoats with glitter chunks, therefore don't need to be that chip-proof or opaque or b) they are all opaque with fine glitter and a couple of coats will make them look good regardless of the quality.  So, I picked up my two favourite colours. Individually the polishes are £3.99 but I think Boots are doing a two for £6 deal which I got, and seeing as this is a new range I would go and get them now if you want them.

There are six colours in the Glitterati collection, but Socialite and VIP were my favourites. Socialite is a really gorgeous fuchsia pink with white, almost holographic glitter in it. When this polish shines in the light it goes a really amazing purple shade and looks stunning. VIP is an electric blue and I actually haven't tried this on yet but I'm sure it looks just as good. I have to say that the quality has not been amazing (there are already chips after one day), and I had to apply 3 coats of polish to get it to the level of opaque-ness that I wanted. However, I didn't apply a basecoat or a topcoat and I think that with a regular polish underneath the glitter, it would appear much more opaque with fewer coats.

Overall, I'm impressed with these polishes and definitely think they are worth the price for such stunning glitters.  I love glitter and will most likely be buying more shades from the collection! 

Thanks for reading xx xx 

Air Max

Hi everyone :) Today's post is all about some of my favourite shoes that I ordered for myself as a birthday present (gotta treat yoself) a couple of months ago.  They are my Nike Air Max Thea's. They are so beautiful. 

They literally have everything I could want because they incorporate my favourite monotonous colours of black and white - boring I know - but they have this really cool print that is like clouds or something, and it just makes them a bit more interesting than plain black. On the website it says they are a mixture of the Air Max 95's and the Roshe's and I love the style because it's sleek and really comfortable because of the thick sole. 

The shoes go with pretty much anything and I like to dress them up or down.  I could walk a mile in these and they are just so lovely. I think they retail around the £90 mark so they aren't cheap but they are definitely worth the money if you want comfortable but trendy shoes that are versatile and go with so many outfits.

Thanks for reading xx

Peony and Blush Suede

My birthday is the 29th December, so just four days after Christmas. A birthday so close to such a huge holiday has its good and bad side, but one of the bad sides is that I rarely know what to ask for when it comes to birthday presents, as pretty much everything I wanted was on my Christmas gift list.  This year, I wanted one or two gifts (the second will probably be featured another time - it's so exciting) that were unique and luxurious, something a little different to what I'd had before. 

Please welcome Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede scent.

I absolutely love this fragrance so much. I'd smelt it one time in Selfridges but I was still using my Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. To be honest, the two smell quite similar but I think this one is more fresh smelling.   My typical favourite scents are something floral and sweet, and that's what this gives me. It smells so girly and pretty and could be worn in any season.

The particular set that I got for my birthday contained the Peony and Blush Suede 'cologne' (although it's not a man scent haha) and also a candle from the same range. My mum said it was not a set already available to buy, but one where you can choose which products you want and they make it like a gift set, so it's perfect for people who don't want a box of things all from the same range. The packaging is so luxurious and nice, and both the products were a really decent size. The candle is such good quality that you can pretty much smell it just by taking the lid off.  

I'm so happy with the products and will definitely be trying more Jo Malone scents in the future.  This one is so appealing to me!  Hope you're all having a wonderful 2015 so far babies.